Glucoamylaseenzyme Gal Group

GA-150 Enzyme

GA-150 is a glucoamylase enzyme added during fermentation (when yeast is added) for breaking down dextrins into fermentable sugars like maltose and glucose that the yeast then use for alcohol production. Use in combination with our AA-400 alpha amylase for optimum yields from starch-based feedstocks like corn and other grains. For use in mashes with […]

Alphaamylaseenzyme 800x400

AHA-400 Enzyme

AA-400 is a thermo-stable alpha amylase enzyme that converts starch into dextrins during the cook process. For best results, it is added at the beginning of cook (when grains are added) at temperatures ranging from 170-190F. In addition to starch digestion, this enzyme also reduces viscosity, making it easier to achieve high gravity mashes. Use […]

Training Support

The basics • What is fermentation? • Fermentation for fuel ethanol production. • The role of yeast in fuel ethanol production. • Comparison of yeast and bacteria- • Yeasts used in fuel ethanol production. Overview of processes used in fuel ethanol production • Batch • Continuous (emphasis will be placed on continuous process) Pre-fermentation • […]

Naturyl 800x400


This product is a natural alternative to conventional antibiotics for prevention and control of bacterial contaminants during fermentation. The active ingredient is a bacterial peptide that is effective against many common fermentation contaminants, specifically lactic acid bacteria. Naturyl inhibits bacterial growth by disrupting the cell membrane. It’s specificity to bacteria makes it a great choice […]

Fx 800x400

FX2™ (combinatory antibacterial)

This product consists of two full strength antibacterial active ingredients, each with different modes of action. Each ingredient is effective against a wide range of common and atypical bacterial contaminants. One active ingredient inhibits cell wall synthesis by interfering with bacterial cell wall components (petidoglycan), while the other affects protein synthesis at the ribosomal level. […]

Fermpen 800x400

FermPEN™ (penicillin)

This product has a single active ingredient that controls contaminating bacteria by inhibiting cell wall synthesis. A more economical option to our FermGuard, but with activity against a wide range of commonly isolated bacteria in fermentation.

Fermguardxtreme 500x500

FermGuard™ Xtreme

This product contains a single active ingredient that inhibits bacteria by interfering with protein synthesis at the ribosomal level. Active against many different common and atypical contaminants of fermentation including some that are resistant to beta lactam or virginiamycin-based antibacterials, including Pediococcus strains. FermGuard Xtreme can be used for prevention of bacterial contamination, but is […]

Fermguard Sentry 300x380

FermGuard™ Sentry (virginiamycin)

This product is a single active ingredient antibacterial that controls contaminating bacteria by interfering with protein synthesis at the ribosomal level. Although similar to FermGuard Xtreme in mode of action (protein synthesis inhibitor) it involves a different binding site so there is no cross-resistance. This product is effective against a wide range of bacteria found […]

Fermguard 285x352


This product contains a single active ingredient that controls bacteria by affecting cell wall synthesis. FermGuard has a wider spectrum of activity than other similar products and is biochemically modified for improved stability in low pH fermentations. Our most popular option for controlling contaminating bacteria in fermentation.

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