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Fuel ethanol is a bio-fuel (made from a biological rather than a chemical process) and can be used as an alternative fuel for your car. Bio-fuels, like ethanol, not only help the economy by providing jobs but also help reduce greenhouse gases from lower emissions. Ferm Solutions specializes in fuel ethanol process optimization and offers a wide variety of active dried yeast, antibacterial products, engineered process aids, professional expertise/consulting and customer service.


Alcoholic beverages can be divided into three major categories: Beer, Wine and Distilled Spirits. Each requires carefully selected yeast strains and mastery of the production process. Ferm Solutions provides several unique yeast strains for distilled spirits and other alcoholic beverages. Our high performance yeast strains were selected for their excellent flavor profiles and performance in fermentation, resulting in high quality, flavorful products. An added benefit of our yeast strains is their ability to withstand higher temperatures than some traditional strains and can ferment successfully in high gravity mashes. In addition to excellent yeast products, our technical and sales staff have years of combined alcohol production experience spanning all alcoholic beverage categories, so high level product support is available when you need it. These factors taken together equal better batch-to-batch consistency resulting in not only the best product, but also the best production and yields.


Continuing education is an important part of our relationship with customers. We also know that the success of any operation starts with the most important asset, its people. We offer a wide range of training, from beginner to professional level, on a variety of topics relative to the process of making fuel or beverage alcohol. Some of the topics discussed include feedstock selection, conversion of complex carbohydrates, fermentation and sugar utilization, bacterial contamination, and distillation. Training is available for new start-up facilities or existing plants and helps our customers to make the most informed decisions increasing fermentation efficiency and maximizing profits.

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