Distillery Process Training and Consulting Services

With over a decade of experience in over 200 distilleries worldwide, Ferm Solutions offers the most applicable and comprehensive training programs. From beginners-level to multi-day in-house distillery process and fermentation training for experienced producers, our training programs are tailored to fit your exact needs.

Bourbon 101

(For Novice and beginner aficionado’s; Offered periodically throughout the year; 3 hour class)

This beginners-level class includes an introduction to bourbon history as well as information about the process of making world class bourbon whiskey. In addition to classroom lecture, this module also includes a tasting and commentary from bourbon enthusiast and former distillery manager, Mr. Dave Scheurich.

Expert Process Training (fermentation & distillation)

(For experienced distillery personnel; Offered periodically throughout the year or by request; half day up to 2 full days)

This comprehensive in-depth process training includes intensive discussion and demonstration on such topics as grain quality, milling, starch conversion, yeast and fermentation, microbial contamination, cleaning and sanitation, and distillation. Classroom lecture and discussion is coupled with hands-on lab and distillery exercises in Ferm Solutions’ fermentation laboratory and one of Kentucky’s newest and fastest growing craft distilleries, Wilderness Trail Distillery.

Consulting Services

Ferm Solutions offers a full range of consulting services from hourly rates for general process questions and problem solving as well as project-based services for distillery start-ups, mash bill calculations and yeast strain selection, and/or process optimization.

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