Fuel Ethanol

Ferm Solutions is a world leader in research of contaminating microbes in grain-based and other fermentations. Our FermGuard antibacterial product lines were developed from experience with thousands of different microbial contaminants collected from hundreds of distilleries. Our FermGuard product line consists of multiple antibacterials with differing modes of action for controlling a wide spectrum of the most commonly encountered distillery contaminants (lactic acid bacteria) as well as atypical species. We also offer natural (non-antibiotic) solutions to bacterial contamination. Our antimicrobials are packaged in water soluble bags for convenience and packaged in sturdy, tightly sealed boxes to reduce waste and for more efficient and economical shipping (fiber drums available on request). Whether you are trying to prevent bacterial growth or need immediate action in a serious bacterial contamination event, we’ve got you covered.

PropGuard Filters
High purity HEPA filters for removing contaminants from air introduced into the process such as in yeast propagation systems. These filters are specially made to replace typical “fly trap” types screeens on the inlet of air induction systems present on the re-circulation piping of yeast propagation tanks at fuel ethanol plants. Removal of airborne contaminants reduces the risk of introducing harmful contaminants into the process.

Ferm Solutions specializes in yeast for a broad range of applications. Choose from our high gravity strains like FermPro or FermPro S for fuel ethanol production. Our fuel ethanol strains were selected for high ethanol production and sugar utilization for maximum yields. We support all our fermentation products with second-to-none process support to help with any issues or questions.

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