Fermpro 900 260x226

FSI-900 Whiskey, Rum

(Optimum temperature 77-90°F) This high performance Distillers yeast is a popular strain at numerous distilleries.  The origin is a whiskey strain well suited for bourbon or rye, offering  excellent yields and a robust flavorful congener profile.  It is well suited for normal or cooler fermentations, allowing for extended fermentation times and works well up in […]

Fermpro 927 260x228

FSI-927 Whiskey, Rum

(Optimum temperature 80-95°F) This high performance distillers yeast was selected specifically for bourbon, wheat and rye whiskies and produces a spirit with an excellent congener profile as well as a distinguished mouth feel. This is a more traditional distiller’s yeast strain similar to the ones used to produce some of the world’s most well-known distilled spirits. This is a fast fermenting strain and can finish mashes of 18-20 […]

Fermpro 921 260x223

FSI-921 Whiskey, Rum

(Optimum temperature 80-96°F) Our most popular strain, this high performance distillers yeast is widely used in whiskey, specifically bourbon and produces a spirit with a robust congener profile as well as a distinguished mouth feel that compliments the world’s best whiskeys.  Its excellent congener profile also makes for excellent rum production.  This strain works well in medium to high gravity mashes (up […]

Fermpro 917 260x233

FSI-917 Whiskey, Rum

(Optimum temperature 80-93°F) This high performance distillers yeast was selected specifically for bourbon, wheat and rye whiskies and produces a spirit with an excellent Bourbon congener profile that compliments barrel aging and produces a distinguished mouth feel. Traditional Bourbon strain capable of upper medium gravity mashes of up to 25 Brix, 2-4 day fermentations. Available in 500g packages or cartons (20-500g packages).

Fermpro 048 260x233

FSI-048 Whiskey, Rum

(Optimum temperature 72-90°F) This high performance distillers yeast is perfect for all types of whiskey, specifically rye whiskies, and produces a spirit with an excellent congener profile that compliments ester formation in barrel aging. This strain is a traditional bourbon strain with up to medium gravity mashes of 22 brix. Well balanced Rum profiles are also an advantage of this strain for clear […]

Fp 1 260x280

FP-1 Vodka

(Optimum temperature 85-96°F) This versatile yeast strain has excellent finishing capabilities in grain-based or sugar mashes even in high gravity or high temperature fermentations. Neutral congener profile makes this the perfect all-around yeast for producing a variety of award winning spirits including vodka and gin. High tolerance to osmotic stress and capable of finishing high gravity mash (29 Brix) in 3 days. Available in 500g vacuum-sealed foil packaging.

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