GA-150 Enzyme


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This high activity gluco-amylase enzyme improves fermentation and yields from starch-based fermentations by converting dextrins (sugar polymers) to fermentable sugars like maltose and glucose that the yeast use to make alcohol. This product is added during fermentation along with the yeast. Use in combination with our AA-400 alpha amylase for optimum yields from starch-based feedstocks like corn and other grains. For use in mashes with or without malted grains.

Weight comparisons: 1.2kg is equivalent to an active liter; and 4.38kg is equivalent to an active gallon. The other option is 30kg.

Temperature: Ideal temperature is 90-110 degrees F. Temps above 150 degrees F may reduce activity.

Suggested usage: .8ml per gallon of mash. Call for suggested usage recommendation on 10,000 gallons or more.

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1.2kg, 30KG, 4.38kg


Gallon: 9.6lbs, Liter: 2.7lbs

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